The financial world is an exciting one with lots of career opportunities available. It’s not just banks and accountancy firms who need people with financial skills - most companies, across every industry, will need someone who’s good with numbers.

City of Westminster College runs accounting courses at all Levels from 1 to 4.

Our experienced and well qualified lecturers are used to assisting our students with exam preparation, we are able to offer a supportive learning environment and our exam pass rates are well above the national average. We have very flexible provision at the College with courses available during the day and in the evenings.

City of Westminster College is proud of our achievement rates that have been consistently above the national average.

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For more information on Accounting courses, please click on the links below.

Course Suitable for Categories
AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping Level 3 Adults AAT Advanced Bookkeeping Level 3
AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting Adults (Part-time) AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting
AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting Adults F.E. Courses
AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma for Accounting Technicians Adults F.E. Courses
Bookkeeping - Level 1 Extended Award in Bookkeeping Adults (Part-time) Promoted, Short Courses