Online & On Campus courses

Our Online and On Campus courses are blended learning courses – a mixture of online study and face-to-face lessons with a college tutor. For people with busy lives this is a great way to study. We run our flexible courses in partnership with Mindful Education.

Blended learning

Mindful Education’s award-winning courses are designed to make professional education easier for learners, delivering a learning experience that is compelling, intuitive and engaging.

With an Online and On Campus course you can combine the benefits of online learning with being part of a class that meets regularly with a college tutor.

  • Learn online through lessons delivered by academics who are subject experts
  • High quality video lectures which use motion graphics to bring concepts to life
  • Interactive exercises create a rich and engaging learning experience
  • Study around your work and life commitments
  • Access lessons on mobile, tablet or desktop and re-visit lessons when needed
  • Being part of a class helps to keep you motivated and on track

Achievement rates for Mindful Education’s courses are outstanding; 80% of Mindful Education learners who complete their qualification achieve a merit or distinction grade.

How is blended learning different to distance learning?

With an Online and On Campus course you study high-quality online learning materials based on video lessons with questions to check your understanding. You also meet regularly with a college tutor who guides you through the course and classmates who provide a valuable sounding board and help to keep you on track.

This is a very different experience to a distance learning course - where learners study independently and at their own pace using text books or limited online resources. Direct tutor support is likely to be very limited and there are no classmates to work with or provide that extra motivation to help you to succeed.

It is well established that achievement rates for distance learning courses are significantly lower than courses with a face-to-face teaching element, with achievement rates as low as 10% commonplace for people studying in this way. So anyone considering a distance learning course should think carefully about whether they would benefit from the support and motivation that come with regular interaction with a tutor and studying as part of a group.

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AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting (Online & On Campus) Adults (Part-time) F.E. Courses