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You will be aware of the Government’s announcement that it is introducing a form of lockdown from Thursday 4 November until the 2nd December. This lockdown differs in a number of ways from the one in the spring, including the fact that this time the Government are asking schools, colleges and universities to remain open to students. We will therefore remain open.

We have made many changes to the way our campuses operate to provide a safe and secure environment for our students and staff.  As well as the physical changes to our campuses we have amended timetables so that our students learn remotely and only need to physically attend our campuses for around 50% of their studies. 

We believe that keeping our campuses open to students means they benefit from as full a learning experience as possible in a managed environment that promotes safety and security for our students and our staff. 

Please click on the link to see the latest guidance on COVID:
Covid -19 Guidance from the Government