Logging on and passwords resets

Students should enter their username as:

SRef@my.cwc.ac.uk e.g. 123456@my.cwc.ac.uk you will find your Student Reference number on your ID Card. 

Your password is your usual network password to log onto a computer within a college building.

Browsers supported by this service are Internet Explorer 8 or later and the latest version of Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

If you have forgotten your College password, or require help logging in, please use the form below:

Logging on

If you have never logged on to a College system since you started your course or studies, please click the following link: 



Username: yourSRef@my.cwc.ac.uk (e.g. 123456@my.cwc.ac.uk)


Old Password: DDMMYY (date of birth in this format)


Enter and confirm a new password of your choice.

CWC Password Reset Image

Next steps

If the information on this page has not resolved your issue, please click this link to our IT Issue Support Form to contact us.