TurnItIn Submissions

Step 1

Follow the steps below to submit your work.

Click on your "My Courses" link as shown below on the homepage for Moodle.

cwc header

Step 2

Click in to your relevant course and locate the assignment or click the TII links on right hand side of screen, see example: 

Tii image 1

Step 3

Typical assignment settings/headings are as shown: 
Tii Image 2

Step 4

Part 1 submission. Already submitted.
Tii image 3

Step 5

Select part 2. Then click to submit paper for Part 2.
Tii image 4

Step 6

Upload your file, unless direct text type is specified by your teacher. 

Type in the title of the piece of work you're submitting.

Tii Image 5

Step 7

Drag and Drop file.
Tii Image 6

Step 8

Then tick the declaration box and submit your work.
Tii image 7

Step 9

Your Digital receipt appears displays in a pop-up window: click edge of screen to close pop-up. You will now see the recent submission details in full, see following screen.