Enrolment FAQs

Enrolment FAQs

Enrolment will begin on Thursday 20th August and runs throughout September.

Enrolling on a course means completing the process of providing your details and making sure that you are on a course of the right level to meet your needs and ambitions.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the City of Westminster College this summer! If you haven’t applied yet, there’s still time to get your application in to join us in 2020. Apply Now.

What happens at Enrolment?

Enrolment is the period when applicants finalise their paperwork and officially become a student of the College. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be substantial changes to Enrolment this year as we follow the Government guidelines regarding Social Distancing. This year we are going to be enrolling online. Our new online enrolment system will be easier and faster than before. It also means that you can complete your enrolment without having to attend a college centre. 

Closer to the start date of our main enrolment period, you will be emailed a link to our secure online enrolment form which you will need to complete. As you have already completed our online application form, we already have some of your details which will be pre-populated onto the enrolment form which you can confirm as correct or amend if they have changed. 

Please ensure that all your details are correct, as we will communicate through email, phone and text if we have any questions about your completed enrolment form.

How long will it take to enrol?

As enrolment has moved online it can be done remotely and you will only need about an hour to complete everything. Please make sure you have all your documents ready. See more here on what documents you need.

I've applied for a course and I'm waiting for a response?

Please be aware that due to the high number of applications we receive, we may not be able to get back to all applicants immediately.

Should I have received a communication from you?

If you have applied before Friday 24th July 2020 you should have already received an email from us explaining that Enrolment has moved online. This email will be followed by a postcard with instructions on how to enrol online. If you have applied after Friday 24th July 2020 you will receive an email and postcard from us later in August. 

Please note that Enrolment is closed on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2020 so whilst you can still enrol online on Sunday 30th August and on the Bank Holiday of Monday 31st August, we will not be processing any students until Tuesday 1st September.

Can I still apply for a course during enrolment?

If you have not yet applied for a course or you have a friend that wants to apply you can still Apply Online now.

Can I still enrol if I still don't know my final grades for my BTEC?

You may be aware that all BTEC grades are being re-graded, which means that there will be a delay receiving your grades. Because these grades will now be based on what your teachers predicted for you, you can still enrol with us without having to wait for your final grades.

You will need an email from one of your teachers which states your predicted grades from your course last year. This will then be added to your enrolment application.

Any questions you have about this process will be answered when you are telephoned by a member of College staff who will be helping you with the enrolment process.

What if I don't get the GCSE grades I needed, or I achieve better than expected?

Don't worry if you don't get the results you had hoped for, or you achieve better grades than you expected. All of our offers are based on predicted grades and our Admissions Team and Course Teams will be available to offer you information and advice. Usually you can move up or down a level depending on your results.

What if I didn't get the maths and/or English GCSE grades I needed?

If you have not achieved a GCSE grade C (4) or above in maths and/or English, you will be asked to do an 'Initial Assessment' when you enrol online. This is an online test to assess your skills and assign the right level of English and/or maths to your studies. 

All learners who do not achieve a GCSE grade C (4) in maths/English will be required to study these subjects at College, alongside your main study programme. The Initial Assessment will make sure you study at the right level and pace for you and will help to create an individual timetable for you. The assessment can take around 20 minutes dependent on your skills. 

What if I want to study a different course or change my application?

You can change your application on the day at enrolment - our Admissions Team can help with this on the day. 

Can you tell me which courses you have spaces on?

Availability for places on courses will change by the hour during Enrolment. Many courses will have limited spaces left. Be aware that you may not be able to get a place on your preferred course, or you may have to join a waiting list. We advise that you Enrol online as soon as you can. 

How do I apply for support with my studies? (E.g. bus passes, free meals, childcare etc.)

If you would like to apply for support with travel, childcare, free meals or any other financial support, please have evidence of your household income and any benefits your family receives ready to upload as part of the online enrolment. Our Student Finance Team can answer any questions you have and offer advice about making an application or requesting financial support. 

Students on some courses may have the opportunity to enhance their learning through the availability of additional resources or activities. The cost of these resources and activities are not funded through tuition fees or any other funding received by the College. The cost, therefore, is generally recovered from students through additional, voluntary or student charges. Financial support may be available from our bursary funds to support students from a low income background experiencing hardship, with these and other essential course costs such as travel and equipment. Students can discuss this with the Student Finance Team before completing their online enrolment. 

What if I need a uniform for my course?

If your course involves purchasing a uniform your subject specialist team will talk you through the process during enrolment and you may be able to place an order at your induction. Full details will be provided by your subject team on the day. 

What if I can’t afford to pay for the course essentials?

If you have a low household income the College may be able help by giving you a discount on essential course costs through one of our means-tested bursaries. Visit Financial Support for more information.

How can I change the details on an application I have already submitted online?

Please email our admissions team on admissions@cnwl.ac.uk with:
Your full name
Date of birth
Application Reference (if you know it)
Details of what you would like to remove/add

What happens after I've submitted my College application online?

If you've applied online to study with us, we'll contact you by email to invite you to an interview if required. It is really important that your e-mail address is correct. If you are unsure please contact us to confirm. For some courses, a decision may be made based on the information in your application and an interview will not be necessary, therefore take your time completing your personal statement.

Is there any funding available if I am 19yrs old or older?

Yes. English & Maths courses (up to and including Level 2/GCSE) are fully funded if you do not already have a GCSE Grade C/4 or above.
If you are 19-23 yrs your first full Level 1,2,or 3 (if you have not previously achieved a full Level 3 qualification) may be fully funded - you may not have to pay tuition or exam fees.

If you are 24yr+ your first full Level 1 or 2 may be fully funded if you are unemployed or co-funded if you are in employment.

If you are 24yr+ wanting to study Level 3 or above you will be required to pay tuition and exam fees or take out an Advanced Learner Loan. You will need to provide evidence of your loan/loan application to complete enrolment and/or will need to provide a payment method during enrolment. 

If you are on Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credits or you have wage lower than £16,005.50 you may be eligible for fee remission. Individuals will be assessed at enrolment when evidence is produced. 

Note: this does not apply to 24yr+ Level 3 or above learners.

All individuals will be assessed for fee exemption/remission based on evidence supplied at enrolment.

Please click this link for information regarding funding for Adults from Level 0 to 3

Can someone else enrol for me?

No. We need you to Enrol yourself onto a course.

How long do I have before I start classes?

All classes for mainstream Entry Level to Level 3 courses start for induction on the week beginning Wednesday 2nd September 2019. Please check the Induction Timetable you receive after Enrolment. 

Do I need to provide a School or College reference to Enrol online?


Can I go to University with a Vocational qualification?

Yes. A level 3 Vocational qualification such as a BTEC is equivalent to 3 A levels and is attributed UCAS points in the same way. Achieving triple distinction star grades in your BTEC or Vocational qualification gives you the same UCAS points as 3 A* grades at A level.

I've already studied for a year (or part of a year), how do I go about transferring to and from a different college or school or Higher Education provider?

If you are aged 17yrs old (as an example) and are considering a place at our College to continue learning and completing your course, there are a number of factors include the qualification type, the awarding body and which units or modules you have completed which we will need to consider.

For all changes midway through a one or two year course it is important to check with the College that we deliver the course or subjects that you are currently studying.

We are happy to help you find out this information and offer you support to transfer.

If you are considering moving college or higher education provider before completing your programme of study, there are various things we recommend:

Speak to your current tutor, teachers or lecturers about the implications of moving. It’s very important that you continue to attend all your lessons while you look into your options, and that you work to achieve the best grades you can in the time you remain at your current school/college or higher education provider.

BTEC/UAL/CACHE or Vocational – these qualifications consist of completion of specific units or modules, sometimes these are taught in different combinations and or at different times throughout a course and this can differ from college to college. It can mean that we are unable to offer a transfer if certain units have or have not been completed.

In any case we would request the list of the units completed that year to determine if we could offer you a transfer.A-Levels – we can only accept you into the current or second year of an A-Level programme if you have studied exactly the same material in the first year, with the same exam board, as our students have done. Similarly, if you choose to study elsewhere either part way through the year, or after completing an academic year, you will need to find a provider who has a similar syllabus where the units you have already studied match. 

Higher Education - we can only accept you into the current or second year of a Higher Education programme if you have studied exactly the same material in the first year, with the same exam board, as our students have done. Similarly, if you choose to study elsewhere either part way through the year, or after completing an academic year, you will need to find a provider who has a similar syllabus where the units you have already studied match. 

Be prepared – collect as much information from your current place of study. In order to make sure we are best placed to determine your request, we will need as much information from you - regarding your current studies – as possible. Such as information about your: qualification, units or modules completed, transcripts, syllabus details and or awarding body information. We may also ask or require for a reference from your previous school, college or Higher Education provider.

However, the most important thing to take note of is that you can contact us anytime, by emailing us at: customer.services@cwc.ac.uk and we will aim to assist you the best we can to help you with your study choices. 

Is there a Freshers’ Fair?

We always hold a Freshers’ Fair for students during the first few weeks in September. This is a good opportunity for you to get some information, freebies and promotional offers from organisations in our local area, as well as finding out about what’s going on in College. 

What do I need to bring with me on my first day?

We will let you know what you need to bring, but it will include the following as a minimum:
Pen and paper
Any other stationery, equipment or clothing specified in your letter.

How will I know if I’ve chosen the right course?

Everyone who is coming to College to start a full-time course in September will be invited to an Induction event prior to starting, which will give you a chance to meet students and teachers on your course, and to find out more about the course and College. 

If you are still unsure you can make an appointment with a College careers adviser to talk through your options to help you make the right course choice. Contact Student Services on 020 8208 5000.

If you start your course but don’t feel it’s right for you, and not what you expected, talk to your Tutor. Do this quickly, as you may not be able to change courses after the first few weeks of term. You can also ask for our Course or Careers Advisors to help you make the right decision.