Super Wex

Welcome to Super Wex


Work Experience is really important

Super WEX supports students in gaining valuable work experience whilst studying 40-50 days of work at the employer, all costs covered by the college.

It helps you develop the skills employers and universities value


Super WEX is a new project that combines meaningful ‘on-the-job’ experience (315 hours / approx. 45-50 days) with your classroom learning. 

By being part of Super WEX you will:   

  • Learn about a career while continuing your studies
  • Enhance your employability by acquiring essential skills
  • Get a valuable insight into an industry you are genuinely passionate about
  • Start building a professional network
  • Receive a certificate to enrich your portfolio


The College will offer:

  • Help with CV writing
  • Interview practice
  • Help with travel (up to £10 per day) and with cost of lunch (up to £5 per day)
  • 35 hours of industry-related taster activities that will count towards your total hours


All 16-19 year old students on Level 2-3 study programmes are eligible!



For Employers

CWC and CNWL’s curricula are designed to provide students with an array of employability skills


  • Creative thinking
  • Resilience – normalising and learning from mistakes
  • Team working - cooperative working, compromise, negotiation, flexibility, avoiding excessive blaming and taking responsibility
  • Problem solving
  • Self-reflection
  • Deeper thinking  - assessing, analysing and evaluating
  • Memory and recall 
  • Time management 
  • Organising 
  • Action planning 

Benefits to employers


  • Strengthen your recruiting pipeline and increase diversity
  • Increased social inclusion leads to new business opportunities
  • Share with stakeholders how your business has supported local young people
  • Fresh ideas from gen Z
  • Upskill existing employees
  • Extra resources for your projects at  low cost as you recover from Covid
  • Inspire the next generation to work in your industry
  • Grow your own workforce with the skills you’ll need in the future

Inspire the next generation

For more information please get in touch with Federica Rebucci at and Johanan Walker at