We offer a wide selection of academic subjects and you will study for A-levels over two years. Our tutors can offer you advice on your preference and guidance on the best combinations of subjects for your career pathway. 

We have an excellent track record in teaching Humanities, Arts and English. Our students achieve better A-level results than most Colleges, and stand well above national averages. In many subjects the pass rates and proportion of students gaining higher grades is excellent. 

We also offer a range of support to help you succeed, including improvement classes, numeracy, literacy support and learning support for study in lessons. 

Your A-level programme will be made up of three subjects, tutorials and employment skills including work experience. 

General entry requirements: 

To study three subjects at A-level, you will need to pass six GCSEs at Grade A*-C/9-4, including English Language. To study Humanities subjects, you will need at least one Grade B/6 in the Humanities subject you wish to study. 

Regardless of what subjects you apply for, the expectation is that your GCSE qualifications will be full time courses with grades obtained through examinations. Other qualifications are valued and will help us understand your strengths, but we will assess your application on your predicted or known GCSE grades only. So, if you have a BTEC or a GCSE in a foreign language for example, we will look at this but it will not necessarily mean you fulfil the entry criteria. 

Students with previous A-level experience, including re-sit applications: 

Applications from students who have previously studied A-levels will be considered on a case-by-case basis, only where general or subject-specific entry criteria are met and we are satisfied with your reference and rationale for wanting to restart. 

To apply for A Levels, please choose an initial A Level you would like to apply for from the list below, then follow the on screen instructions on the application form. Please add the additional A Levels you would like to study into your personal statement, indicating why you have selected those options. 

For more information on A-Levels courses, please click on the links below.

Course Suitable for Categories
A-Level Arabic Adults F.E. Courses
A-Level Business 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses
A-level English Language 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses
A-level English Literature 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses
A-level History 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses
A-Level Law 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses
A-level Media Studies 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses
A-level Politics 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses
A-level Psychology 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses
A-level Sociology 16-18, Adults F.E. Courses