“The Pub Pros course improved my employability skills”

CWC BTEC Business student Joshua recently took part in and completed the Pub Pros course organised by Fuller’s. We’ve asked Joshua to share his experience with us.

I signed up for the Fuller's Pub Pros course to improve my employability skills and try something new. The course was hosted by Nicky and Shelley and they were really entertaining. During the first session all students who enrolled on the course were invited to take part in an ice-breaker session which involved a lot of team work. This really helped me to not only understand my other teammates, but to communicate with them in a way that they understood. 

As all the team members finally got to know each other, the work began. We were presented with problems that Pubs face regularly that have to do with the management team such as responding to positive and negative feedback. My team and I worked together to tackle the problems and I learnt that there were no tasks we were unable to do so long as we worked together. That alone taught me the power of union - a lesson that will stay with me forever. 

Mid-way through the course, we were presented with a survey in which if someone scores most marks in a certain band, they are likely to exercise a certain personality trait in the social world. Some people found that they were autocratic and I found out that I was assertive! This was after my mentality shifted, having my greatest flaw lifted at last.

We also had an activity in which there were posters placed in the corners of the room and everyone had to locate a poster that most explained what drives them to work. There was such diversity with the results having some people working for money, enjoyment and more. I seemed to be the only one who was driven to work by new challenges and new relationships. 

We then progressed to the last session of the course where we had to introduce ourselves and state the skills we learnt on the course to high profile guests that came to join us - including a smart Pub General Manager! We were provided with certificates at the end of the course for our participation and were invited on a trip to a brewery, which I definitely look forward to! 

To conclude, I can definitely say that the Pub Pros course gave me some beneficial skills that will stick with me for life!