Revision tips to get you through the exam season

Hundreds of thousands of students across the UK are preparing to take their summer examinations. Whether you’re stressing out about how little revision you’ve done, or just looking for some advice, don’t panic! Here are some revision tips to help you during this stressful time.

Complete practice papers – Asking your teacher for some practice papers or finding them yourself, is an excellent way of familiarising yourself with the exam layout before the day. Often the same type of questions will reappear, so it’s always worth working through previous years.

Use Sticky Notes – Some people find it easier to write short, simple facts on Sticky Notes and place them in key places they go to every day, e.g. the fridge, bedroom door, mirror, wardrobe etc. 

Exercise – Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day will not only help you revise, but is also hugely important for your health. Increasing the heart rate makes the blood circulate more and ensures the brain gets more oxygen which increases productivity and makes you feel less tired and stressed.

Ask family and friends for help – Why not get your family to test you on some key facts when you’ve got some revision under your belt. It’s a good way to get a few minutes break from reading or writing up notes, while still studying. 

Find the right environment to revise in – It’s best to not revise in front of the TV as you’re guaranteed to get distracted. Some find listening to music can be relaxing.

The most important thing is to remain positive, take a deep breath and do your best! Good luck!