National Apprenticeship Week Q&A with Karishma

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we asked our apprentices a few questions about what they’ve gained from their apprenticeship, their experience and future plans.

Karishma, is currently enrolled on the Level 4 HNC Civil Engineering.

Why did you want to go into apprenticeship in Civil Engineering?
I wanted to become an apprentice in Civil Engineering as I believe that hands on experience would be better for me in a teaching style. 

What made you choose City of Westminster College?
CWC allowed me to work and study efficiently together which was perfect for what I needed and wanted.

How are you finding the course so far? Do you feel you are learning?
The course so far has been great! I am learning a lot, especially because I work in highways and we learn about the whole industry.

How is the balance between working and studying?
The balance between working and studying can be tough at first but the college and my workplace have been supporting me to make it easier.

What do you think you have achieved on the course?
I think it is aiding me to become a competent engineer.

What are your aspirations on finishing your course?
To finish my NVQ and become a technician. After that, it would be to move on to a Level 6 course in Civil Engineering and become an engineer!

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to other people, and why?
I would recommend an apprenticeship as the practical experience benefits some people rather than studying all of the time. Additionally, we live in the times where everyone has a degree, but no one has experience, so having it will really benefit them.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship as opposed to studying the course directly?
After coming out of A Levels, I realised that I would rather have on the job experience as it suited me better. I got my first choice of university but I turned it down to be an apprentice as the experience you get while working is really a huge benefit.

What’s one thing you learnt on your course which surprised you?
The major differences between the industries within Civil Engineering. I work in highways but there are people in my class who work in sectors like; the underground (railways/tubes), houses, drainage etc. It is interesting to see the differences between what we do. 

How does your employer feel about you being on an apprenticeship?
My employer is fully supporting it as they believe it’s the ideal way to learn.

How do people react when you tell them you’re on an apprenticeship?
They are surprised because of how young I am and because most people go to university. When I explain what I do they become interested and the conversation turns into why this country needs more apprentices!