City of Westminster College and Trend Micro present ‘Be Careful Out There'

City of Westminster College and global security software company Trend Micro are pleased to once again present a photography exhibition featuring work by the students of City of Westminster College’s Level 3 photography courses. The theme this year was ‘Security’.

The students were briefed in the Trend offices earlier this year by IT experts. The Trend staff outlined how vital it is to secure out online data through their work. Securing our digital world is arguably just as important as securing our relationships and physical possessions. 

Students were then asked to explore the theme of security and tasked with producing work that interprets their understanding of security. Trend Micro offered students a chance to discuss the theme and provide the students with some guidance and context to this topical and timely theme.

This is the 6th year Trend Micro has sponsored our learners through the Trend Micro UK Annual City of Westminster College Arts Exhibition. The event was due to take place on the 7th April, but due to lockdown we had to cancel this. We all felt that the learners should not be robbed of their hard work and be given the opportunity to showcase their pieces still so the exhibition took to the virtual work on Wednesday 10th June. 

Well done to our winners of the Trend Micro UK Annual City of Westminster College Arts Exhibition!

Zablon Goitom 1st Place

"I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with Trend Micro and showcase my photography to a wider audience. Winning the competition has really humbled me and has given me motivation to keep working."

Mia Cassie 2nd Place

"It was great to experience a commission from a real company. It taught me what will be required of me in the future when dealing with clients but has also given me encouragement and a real boost of faith in my own abilities. "

Juan Solano 3rd Place

"Coming in third place has given me mixed feelings. On one hand I'm happy to be in the top three but I'm a little sad because I didn’t come first because I'm very competitive. This experience has taught me a lot about myself and the development of my work. I'm aiming to come first next year."