Law students on the case at Supreme Court

First and second year A Level Law students from City of Westminster College were delighted to be given the chance to visit the highest court in the land.

The UK Supreme Court —the final court of appeal in the United Kingdom for all civil cases, and for criminal cases originating in England, Wales and Northern Ireland — recently welcomed the budding solicitors who sat in on an active case on Courtroom 1.

During the trip, the students were invited to an educational seminar about the work and history of the Supreme Court.

They also took part in a dynamic debate on the 2019 case of Lee v Ashers Baking Company Ltd. This was particularly useful to their studies as it developed their communication and critical thinking skills but also the case examines some of the key protected characteristics in law such as religious belief.

A Level Law Student, Tanisa Bari said: "The trip was very informative and sitting through an actual case for the first time was really interesting."