UCG and Prince’s Trust open doors to new career

United Colleges Group (UCG) were delighted to offer students a chance to participate in a first-ever course collaboration with The Prince’s Trust.

Fourteen young people, from across the UK Capital, attended the pilot ‘SIA Door Supervision course’ at the City of Westminster College’s Paddington campus, which was provided by BDEV – SRP (Business Development – Security and Retail Provision), where they gained a unique insight and understanding of public security from experts in the field.

UCG are proud to partner with The Prince’s Trust to help deliver courses, share resources, and support young people by developing essential life skills, as they get ready for work and access job opportunities.

The success of this innovative project has paved the way for UCG to deliver more security courses to young people which will, in turn, lead to meaningful employment for them and potentially be a positive turning point in their lives.

The Prince’s Trust, founded by King Charles III in 1976, believes every young person should have the chance to succeed, no matter their background or the challenges they face.

Paula Cochrane. Curriculum Manager, BDU (SRP), said: “Following the success of this pilot course, we are now preparing to deliver another course for potentially a further 24 young people. This group will consist of either all or predominantly females.

“The Prince’s Trust now envisage our partnership continuing further and expanding in other educational faculties.”

Attendees were quick to praise the project with comments such as:

  • "Good training and really good teachers who really knew a lot about security and they go beyond to help students"
  • "The teacher was really good in every shape and form'
  • "Training was on point"
  • "Nice college, no bad behaviour, patient and thorough teachers"
  • "The college was very accommodating and people made us feel very welcome"
  • "Very enjoyable. Facilities were good and so was the training"
  • "Great!"

Mo Fatah, Youth Development Lead, South Region, The Prince’s Trust, added: “Feedback from the learners has been great — they all said they learned more over the seven days with Dane Murdock (Lecturer, Security/Retail Employability Skills) than they have since leaving school/college.”