Accounting students workshop with Estée Lauder

Level 2 Accounting students recently participated in a six week business mentoring programme ‘Amplify Me’, organised by Local Village Network (LVN) that concluded with a networking workshop and lunch with Estée Lauder staff at their London office.

The college works with LVN and their partner organisations across a number of curriculum subjects, bringing together business mentors to teach the benefits of networking.

Students involved said:

"I learnt about networking and how you can find different networks, this was exciting" Lysandra

"I have learnt that there are no such things as consequences, only opportunity. It all depends on my view point" Aziz

"I have learnt about the important skills needed to run a business successfully, that was very helpful” Ti-o

"The workshop was very effective, I found out how important networking skills are as it helps to promote your business/company" Kanye

"The session was very effective and gives us a broad knowledge about networking in the business environment or wherever you find yourself" Benedicta

"I have learned about the importance of networking and where I can find people with similar interests" Emely

"The mentoring session engaging activities which has helped me to think about my future and the steps I can take to achieve my goals"