Art History Movements and Moments


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The History of Art is filled with vibrant and sensational stories. In this ten-week course, we will investigate the truth and fiction woven around some of the most colourful characters and masterpieces of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. We will focus on specific artists and styles while examining artworks in detail to reveal the values and beliefs intrinsic to the aesthetics of the period. We will discuss the influence of politics, religion and new technology on period styles and subject matter. In addition, we will visit the Leighton House Museum in order to contemplate the range of stimuli that artists employ in artistic production. 
This is a follow on course from History of Art: Art in London. No prior knowledge of the History of Art is required to enrol for this course, although some knowledge of periods and movements of in the History of Art would aid you in contextualising information. 

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What are the expected employment areas with this course?

Creative Arts, Fine Art

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Suitable for everyone, no previous experience required.