Games Design


  • Adults (Part-time)
  • 2 hours per week


Course Content

This 10 week course is designed to introduce key skills to design, code and create the art to develop your very own video games. 
The game engine used for this course is Unity; industry standard software used to develop a wide range of titles, from small indie projects, to big-budget triple-A successes. 
It’s an incredibly exciting time to begin your journey into video game development. Whether looking at the industry for new job prospects, or simply as a fantastic hobby, this is the perfect place to begin your journey!


This is a practical course, students will learn through a combination of follow-along tutorials, as well as guided independent research. Upon completion of practical tasks, students will be encouraged to present what they have accomplished.

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge to be able to:

  • Design a small video game with an appropriate scope.
  • Code basic game functionality with C#.
  • Write an effective game design document.
  • Roadmap and timetable game development.
  • Effectively pitch a game concept.
  • Create functional concept art.
  • Build simple 2D game art assets.
  • Finish a small video game prototype as part of a group.

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Entry Requirements

No previous knowledge or experience of game development or programming is required. Students are asked to bring a USB memory device.