GCSE Chemistry


  • 16-18, 16-18 (Full-time), 16-24


This GCSE program is a one year intensive course for Adults, who wish to pursue a teacher training course; tutors and trainers who may be working within a Further Education (FE) college, Adult and Community Learning Centre or Learning Provider, who require a GCSE for Further Education or for Career development.

Course content

The course is an intensive course, presented in 10 topics; Atomic structure and the periodic table, Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter, Quantitative chemistry, Chemical changes, Energy changes, The rate and extent of chemical change, Organic chemistry, Chemical analysis, Chemistry of the atmosphere and Using resources. Throughout the course you are expected to carry out practical experiments to develop your investigational skills.

What have students who have taken this course in the past progressed to?

GCSE Chemistry is a requirement for many careers, including Primary Teaching, Science degrees and the Health Professions. With a good GCSE grade there are a wide range of career options.


How will I learn?

Through classroom based activities, experimental procedures, homework and regular assessment leading to final external exams.

What qualification do I get on completing this course?


Where have students gone to after completing this course?

BTEC Level 3 Diploma

Is there additional work required by the student?


Awarding Body

Entry Requirements

What qualifications or skills do I need to show I have before I can enrol?

·       If you have taken a GCSE Science before, we would expect you to have a grade D

·       Grade at 4-5 (C) or above in GCSE English and 3 (D) in GCSE Math

·       If you have not taken GCSE Science before, or it is a long time since you have      studied, you will be ask to take a literacy and numeracy assessment

Expected prior knowledge

At least Grade (3) D in GCSE Science or Chemistry and at least level 1 in both Maths and English

English level  

Level 1

Mathematics level

Level 1

Equipment and other costs

You will need stationary, a calculator and two separate AQA GCSE Chemistry text books.

·      Hodder, AQAGCSE Chemistry (9-1) Biology Student Book by Richard Grime

·      Collins, AQA GCSE Chemistry (9-1) Student Book  by Ann Daniels


Financial Support for 16-18 Year-olds and Continuing Learners aged 19

The Education Funding Authority has allocated money to colleges to support students who are on low incomes or the dependent of parents on a low income, and need support towards their course-related costs or essential living costs or are facing financial difficulty.

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