How to Design and Build a Website: An Introduction


  • Adults (Part-time)


This course will run on Thursday evenings, 6-9pm.

Course Content

While most websites have become extraordinarily sophisticated in recent years, with few exceptions they all rely on the same building blocks of HTML (a ‘markup’ language used to structure the contents of a web document), CSS (a way of setting the appearance of structured web content), and, often, JavaScript (a language for writing scripts that allow web users to interact with documents displayed in the browser). With some basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript we can learn to build our own impressive, interactive and accessible websites. This course aims to provide a brief but thorough introduction to each in turn, during which we will design and build a personal website to showcase our skills. Finally, we will see how easy it is today to publish this site on the web for free so that anyone can see it.


This is a practical course and learning will take place through guided exercises, set tasks, independent research using internet resources and project work. There will be presentations and discussions on specific topics and course materials will be provided as paper handouts and electronic copies.


Students will need the following: a USB memory device to save their work, a notepad, and a folder for handouts and code examples etc. No previous experience of coding is needed but students should have at least a basic level of computer literacy, and be comfortable using word processing software and internet browsers.


By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Describe how web content is created, stored, transmitted, and displayed.
  • Briefly describe what CSS and JavaScript is understand how it adds interactivity to a web page.
  • Insert videos, images, tables, text, hyperlink and range of formatting techniques.
  • Build a simple personal site and publish it on the web.

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What qualification do I get on completing this course?

Short Course

Entry Requirements

Suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required.