Introduction to Photoshop


  • Adults (Part-time)


The course runs on Wednesday evenings, 6.30-9pm.
The course fee is £180.

Course Content

This course provides a comprehensive general introduction to digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop. While the emphasis will be on processing photographic images and producing photographic composites, lessons will also cover graphic, typographic and web applications.

We will familiarise ourselves with the Photoshop interface, gain confidence with the fundamental tools and methods, develop a solid understanding of key concepts (adjustments, selections/masks, layers).

The course aims at covering a broad range of practices while also providing a theoretical grounding (resolution, file formats etc.). The course will culminate in a project to produce a high quality advertisement or poster of the student’s own design.

Week 1. Introduction

  • Introducing the course and getting to know one another.
  • Familiarising ourselves with the workspace: menus, tools, interactive dialogues, window presets etc.
  • Overview of document fundamentals: creating, opening, viewing, navigating, undoing, add saving documents.
  • A guided exercise.

Week 2. Image Basics

  • The adjustment dialogues: controlling brightness, contrast, and colour.
  • Understanding resolution: brightness resolution (bit depth) and spatial resolution (image size, interpolation).
  • Understanding colour: channel and image mode; using the colour picker.
  • Photo editing fundamentals: cropping, straightening, and transforming.
  • Ways of retouching: cloning, patching, healing, and liquifying.

Week 3. Selections

  • Selection tools and options: marquee, lasso, quick, magic, colour range…
  • Refining and transforming selections.
  • Saving and loading selections: alpha channels.
  • Selections as masks: using quick mask mode.

Week 4. Layers

  • Managing layers with the layers panel; types of layer etc.
  • Adjustment layers and layer masks.
  • Using layers with selections to create photorealistic image montage.
  • Choosing appropriate file formats.

Week 5. Shape and Text

  • Vector graphics with type and shape layers.
  • Blending mode and layer styles.
  • Combining photos and graphics.
  • Considerations for imaged intended for the web.

Week 6. Project

  • Creating a professional advertising image using photomontage and graphic design.

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What are the expected employment areas with this course?

Creative Arts, Creative Media, Marketing, Photography

Entry Requirements

Suitable for beginners, no previous experience required.