Public Speaking Skills


  • Adults (Part-time)


This course runs on Monday evenings, 6.30-8.30pm.
The course fee is £140.

Course Content

Are you terrified of speaking in public? Or are you seeking to gain a competitive edge when giving a presentation? Overcome your fear and enjoy expressing yourself, in a fun supportive environment.

An opportunity to develop skills in those who are required to speak publicly as part of their job, or social commitments. The course is open to students of all levels from those who are inexperienced, in need of reassurance and the opportunities to practice and gain confidence, to those who have experience and are looking to develop their techniques.

The main areas covered will be:

-Speaking with confidence
-Body language
-Speaking from notes or reading a speech
-Inflection, Intonation, Projection, Enunciation
-Answering questions from an audience

Each lesson will include breathing and vocal exercises at the start and end of each class. These exercises are intended to relax your mind, body and voice and can be used in everyday life. We will also be referring to variety of sources (famous speeches, scenes from film and television, music and performance) which will enable you to develop a much richer understanding of public speaking and vocal expression. 

Hugh originally trained as an actor and worked in Theatre and Film. Hugh has been teaching Drama and Music in London for over 15 years.  He has run Public Speaking Workshops for over 6 years in a variety of settings. These include: The Frontline Club, Human Rights Watch, CI Precision, The Harris Federation of Schools and The Working Men’s College in Camden. He is the co-founder of whose ethos is to ‘Help you make a positive impression and get your message across, whatever the occasion’.

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Entry Requirements

Suitable for beginners, no previous experience of public speaking required.