Ukulele Intermediate


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This course runs on Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm.

So you’ve had a taste and now Uke can’t get enough? Well that’s great, because there’s so much more to learn!

This 5-week Level 2 course will supplement the basics you’ve already learnt, with more sophisticated playing techniques: a broader range of chords, melodies and a variety of new strumming patterns.

We will reinforce the basics each week and build on them to get you into strumming heaven. Regular playing in a supported group will show you how practise really does make perfect!

This course will use a wide range of genres and styles to level up your skill in a fun, relaxed and social environment.

Come, bring your ukulele and enthusiasm, and be amazed at what more there is to learn on this small but mighty instrument.


Sylvia Entwistle is a ukulele teacher and performer, appearing regularly at open mics and on festival stages. Her band The Ukulameos play weddings and parties - which you can check out on @ukulameos on Instagram  In this course she will focus on the actual playing of songs, singing and combining those with the techniques of playing and performance. These classes will boost your confidence in playing and you will be amazed at how you progress as a group over a short time. So come and kickstart your new favourite hobby – the mighty ukulele!”

What qualification do I get on completing this course?

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