Volunteering to Support English Language Teaching


  • Adults (Part-time)
  • 6 hours per week


This qualification has been designed to provide the basic skills required to support teaching and learning of English as a second language in a wide range of contexts. The aims of the qualification are to enable volunteers to:

  • Be able to support English language teaching and learning in their own organisational context
  • Understand the importance of safeguarding and confidentiality in the classroom
  • Be able to recognise and address some of the challenges and issues that English language students encounter
  • Support students within their social setting

This qualification is suitable for volunteers who:

  • would like to understand how to support others to learn English as a second language
  • need to understand how the ability to learn English can be affected by a wide range of personal, social or environmental factors
  • are not currently working in a learning support environment but are considering doing so in the future – in school, further or community education or other environments
  • would like to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to support ESOL students in a wide range of settings
  • may have learned English as a second language themselves and now wish to support others. 


All units are internally assessed through the learner building up a portfolio of evidence that covers the relevant assessment criteria, internally assessed and verified by the centre and then externally verified by Ascentis.

What qualification do I get on completing this course?

Award in Volunteering to Support English Language Teaching Level 1 and Level 2

Where have students gone to after completing this course?

Higher Education

Is there additional work required by the student?

This course is Portfolio-Based and has in-class observations.

What are the expected employment areas with this course?

Voluntary in-class Support

Awarding Body

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Entry Requirements

Level 1 English (either Functional Skills or ESOL).