MyDay and Office 365

MyDay is the student portal providing links and resources for students.

Students can access MyDay from outside the College by going to:

You will then be prompted to enter your user name and password as follows:

Students should enter their username as: e.g.

The password is the usual network password.

Browsers supported by this service are Internet Explorer 8 or later and the latest version of Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


Office 365 Service

The Office 365 service has been enabled for all our students and provides access to a cloud based service from Microsoft for file storage and sharing, calendars, email and access to web versions of Word, Excel, One Note and PowerPoint. This service also provides students with access to 25GB of space on OneDrive.

Step 1.

Go to or

And click Sign in.


Office 356 Picture 1

Step 2.

Enter your college email address in the format and click "Next".

Office 356 Picture 2

Step 3.

Please note: If your presented with a screen the same as pictured select

Work or school account

Office 356 Picture 3

Step 4.

Enter your college username and password as before. 

Step 5.

If successful you should now be presented with the office 365 welcome page pictured.
Office 356 Picture 6


If you still can't logon please go to .

Make sure that “Keep me signed in” is checked as in the example above.

For Apple Macs and tablet devices, or when accessing the service from outside the College, students will be required to enter their usual College password before signing in.