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We are located in Central London and we are currently the top college for apprenticeships. In addition, we also offer over 200 courses across a wide range of both vocational and academic subjects. City of Westminster College has specialist facilities including, science labs, motor vehicle workshops, photography studios, a theatre and TV and Radio studios.  We're Ofsted rated 'Good', part of the United Colleges Group and proud to be the first choice for students across Greater London.

Five tips for writing your UCAS personal statement

If you’re thinking of applying to university next September, your UCAS application should be well underway. The Personal Statement section of your application, gives you the opportunity to make your submission to your chosen universities really stand out, giving you the chance to set yourself apart from the thousands of other candidates applying for the same course. There are a number of things you can include to make sure your personal statement leaves a lasting impression. It’s a good idea to look at some examples online before you start in order to get an idea of the format and language you want to use.

Explain why you want to study your chosen course and why you’re right for it

Saying why you want to take the subject is probably the most important part of a personal statement. If you don’t demonstrate passion and understanding for the course, admissions tutors may not feel you’re fully committed and you may miss out on a place. Writing about what motivates you to take the course, how your interest in it has grown the more you’ve looked into it shows you're invested in the topic. Perhaps you’ve taken part in related extracurricular activities outside College or have volunteered or completed work experience in your field. The best statements will show a student is interested in a subject not just in the classroom, but also outside it.

Mention any transferable skills you feel would be beneficial

Any skills you have learnt through school, College, working or any work experience and voluntary work you may have acquired that you feel would be useful in your course or university generally are worth mentioning. This could include working well on your own, having good organisational skills, good time management, working as part of a team and leadership skills.

Don’t copy anyone else’s statement

UCAS uses a programme to look for similarities in personal statements, which are then flagged up to the universities should something suspicious arise. Looking at examples online for inspiration is ok, but make sure you don’t copy anything you see as it will be picked up!

Always check your spelling and grammar

It’s always a good idea to get your statement checked by friends, family, teachers or tutors as it’s easy to miss spelling mistakes when you’ve read something a number of times. Getting a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your work will increase the chances of any errors being picked up before your application is sent off to a university.

Make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute

While the official UCAS deadline is January 2019 for undergraduate entry, it is highly recommended that you complete your application much earlier. When you submit your application it is not automatically sent to UCAS and is instead forwarded on to your tutors in order for them to complete the necessary references. Only once they have completed this, is your application sent on to UCAS and officially submitted.

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